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10" Aluminium Pizza Tray Perforated

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This commercial range of aluminium pizza trays, lids and saucing rings is suitable for the busiest of restaurants, cafes, catering business, food vans and school canteens. All the products are Australian made and can be used in all types of ovens. Perforated style makes the bottom of the pizza ultra-crispy.

10" Aluminium Pizza Tray Perforated Features:

Dimensions: 254mm (Dia) x 10mm (H)
Suitable for storing pizza dough in fridge
Will blacken overtime when used regularly
This enhances and improves the quality of the dough and bake

Comparing different materials of pizza trays:

Material Aluminium Black Steel White Steel /
Aluminised Steel
Price Lowest Higher than Aluminium Higher than Aluminium
Durability Good
Eventually gets dented and
buckled with use
Very strong, but may
eventually rust
Stronger than aluminium,
never rusts
Curing and
Good Not recommended, likely
to lead to rust
Cooking performance Good on touch surface (deck)
ovens, but less effective with
air (convection) heat
Excellent with air heat
including conveyor ovens.
Cooks quickest with least
power consumption
Good with touch and air heat.
Cooks quicker than
Seasoning required Yes
(Please contact us for instructions)
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